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sunday makeup! still in pjs! ㅋㅋ staying home all day and watching japanese horror movies with noona ^^
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Thanks for sharing, but I can't tell if you're using eye shadow or not because the color the image quality is blurry and the color camouflaged with your skin tone. Do you mind listing up what you used on the description or re-upload your photo? Thanks! :)
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@stargaze sorry about that i just took pics fast bc i had to do something but i used the ETUDE HOUSE CINDERELLA #1 PINK GLASS HEEL SHADOW its a very good eye shadow btw :) sorry that i just responded back! i will later upload pictures where u can see how it truly looks ^^ but thanx for liking my pic and for following my collection ^^
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You're welcome, looking forward for the updated pics =)
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