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It is now the second month of the new year! Time flies by fast. And only after looking back at the past few entries did I realize that they were all actually a bit sad. Thank you @timeturnerjones for pointing that out :). Hopefully this one will be a more cheerful topic to write about! February 1, 2015 Write a discussion between two young 7-year olds on what the source of happiness is. January 30, 2015 Write a short alternate ending to a book you've read. The only rule is that this ending cannot end in happily ever after. January 28, 2015 Write out the moments of a police officer on his daily route just a few minutes before a terrorist attack. January 26, 2015 Write the eulogy of an alien who betrayed his race to save mankind.
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Love it! Always good to get some "happy" squeezed into February, don't you think?
Thanks!!! I mean, I know people tend to write from emotion which often leans to darkness, but I love happy peices, too!