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Today starts my training for my first 5k. :) I've tried before to start running and working out but have never succeeded in keeping up with it. so since I'm already signed up I'm using this to stay committed to a healthy routine and getting fit. So, here's to the first day to a healthier, fitter, happier and better me! :)
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Thanks @GetFitwithAmy :) I'm hoping to eventually run a marathon. My aunt and uncle run different marathons throughout the year and they love it so much. :)
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@Nisfit Thanks! :) I'm just training and challenging by myself.
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@Sjeanyoon Thanks! :) I'm gonna need a lot of luck. lol
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Thank you so much for this @Goyo :) I'm definitely gonna start doing that.
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Excited to hear how the training goes! I'm sure you'll be running your marathon in no time :)
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