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1. The first group of people I would go to is your friends who have good hair. If they know how to maintain their hair, there must be a few tips or two they can offer you! 2. Do your research such as visiting the actual storefront, yelp, google. If you're hesitant to get a haircut, try a blowout first before settling with this hairstylist. 3. Your hairstylist will appreciate it if you bring in a reference photo of your desire haircut. In addition, this will increase the chance of you walking out of the salon with a happy hair. 4. After you get the cut and if you're satisfied with the result, keep in touch with the hairstylist. If you're not happy with the cut, don't stress. Try again!
I always use a reference picture
It took me almost a year to find the perfect hairstyles! And I can't agree more with point #1. If my friend didn't recommend me to her hairstylist, I would still have bad hair day due to my haircut.
Find the right hairstylist is important. I remember dreading over a bad hair cut from a spontaneous trip to a salon near my home. I should of done my research and read the reviews at least...but I needed a haircut and decided to give it a try. Never doing that again.
@stoops I find that really helpful because it's hard to describe it to hairdresser without any reference.
I just always went to where my mom got her hair done and then when I moved I bounced around to super cuts hahaha