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White on white can be tricky and may seem intimidating. However, when you pair it with the right top and bottom, it'll instantly brighten up even the darkest day! Bored of your all-black outfit or LBD? Trade it in for a white frock or a white-on-white outfit that stand out at any event! Mixing texture is the key to wearing white in winter. In addition, play with different accessories to cheat the monochromatic look. My favorite item is a taupe (off-tan) ankle boot with white skinnies. If you're still not comfortable with the all-white attire, go with an oversized coat. No matter what's underneath, a white winter coat can give your outfit a fresh finish. Ready to give this look a try? How would you wear it?
I love these! I tend to wear black and white! I need to add more color! I love these styles! Thanks!
the 3rd outfit looks so comfortable
I could never wear head-to-toe white! It looks chic, but I'm notorious for spilling things all over myself!
Photo #3 is what I wore a couple weeks ago, except I carried a vintage brown crossbody instead of a tan tote.
Honestly, wearing a white frock dress is the furthest I went from head-to-toe white. I can't steer away from the monochromatic black style with a pair of killer heels. However, I do love the idea of throwing on a jacket to cheat off the winter white attire.