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I've always been bummed I can't hit up film festivals. And now I can. And it's rad!! The Film Festival Flix Mountain & Adventure Film Festival is an online festival, which means that any of us that have access to a computer can enjoy the films! There will be over 40 films, including great climbing movies like Sufferfest 2, The Asgard Project, Moving Over Stone, and more. How much does it cost? Just $20 for 28 days of movies (and events, and live panel discussions, and more!) all from the comfort of your home or office. Best part is that 25% of sales goes towards outdoors-benefiting organizations like the Access Fund, Paradox Sports, Big City Mountaineers, and more. I'm also psyched that movies like Damnation (which is about environmentalism more than general outdoors) are also included (@yakwithalan). For more information, go to FilmFestivalFlix.com
This sounds so cool! I might just sign up!
@fallingwater I haven't actually tried it yet. Not sure I want to spend the money :?
Is anybody gonna do this? How does the streaming work
I've seen DamNation, but I want to see Notes on Ice as well as a few others. I'll be looking into this.
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