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Every once in a while I just get this bug in me to hit Swedish mega store, Ikea. I love the relatively inexpensive pricing and blank canvas approach to re-purposing their mainstream aesthetic into something more in line with my vision of great interior design. Such was the case last weekend. I was out of town and found myself on a subway, then a bus dreaming of small crowds and that I'd find some incredible treasure there. In preparation for my trip, I logged into one of my favorite sites, Love this site for ideas and resources for living and entertaining. It's here that I also found this drill-only project that you can complete in less than half a day. It's from Kris Melo and how she created a fabulous ottoman. How You Can Do It To: 1. Purchase Vittsjo 2. Assemble frame and spray gold 3. Drill holes in MDF board (for the button holes) 4. Sandwich 2" foam between board and velvet fabric 5. Attach buttons for tufting 6. Tightly wrap fabric around board edges and staple 7. Assemble glass on bottom and tufted ottoman on top Three hours and $54 later I left thoroughly pleased that I was able to pick up some much-needed supplies, but not with the thrill of discovery that I was hoping for. No, I didn't try to recreate Melo's Vittsjo hack, but maybe next time. Have you ever hacked furniture from Ikea? What was it?
@marshalledgar Nothing fancy, just decorated the inside with wallpapers.
That's pretty cool. What did you do differently to the bookcase to make it your own @iluvdurian31?
The only ikea furniture hack I've done was the billy bookcase, but it was fairly simple. This ottoman hack is way interesting!
I think that is a great idea @iluvdurian31 A friend of mine took me to a wallpaper design house here in Los Angeles a couple years ago. I was stunned with just how modern so many of the designs were. Nothing like what you'd see at Sherwin Williams.