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I'm not talking about the term kids and teenagers used to describe their fantasized "first crush," I'm talking about these adorable puppies who are in love. Here's the story of Turkey Temple and Miss Brie. Turkey Temple settled in his new home in SF and like many singles in the city he decided to download an app to search for the girl of his dreams. That's when he caught a glimpse of Miss Brie and the rest is history. Pictures are worth a thousands words. Fill in the rest with your own dialogue. :) For more cute snaps of the two pups be sure to check out their instagram page: turkeytemps and bonjourbrie. Picture credit: Brit + Co.
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So adorable! Now I'm inspired to do something for my two pups at home.
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Those are two of my favorite breeds too!!
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I am actually squealing at my desk at work. So cute!
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