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$7,000. That was the price of tickets since Saturday. The average price was around $4,300, overall. Isn't that ridiculous? This means that for the worst seat in the house, you would be paying upwards of $4,000 before Saturday, and upwards of $7,000 after Saturday. The reasons are stated in the video, so I would like to focus on just how insanely overpriced these tickets are. These are the reasons why players are being paid over a million to be bench warmers. This is the reason why sport salaries continue to rise, while the rest of us (commoners) are struggling to make ends meet. The real question I want to ask is... "is this right?" Should fans not be given a hometown discount? Do fans ever get the right to negotiate? It seems like we are the ones footing the bill, but we are never given any rights. I think maybe it is time for a fan union... Sounds ridiculous, but more ridiculous than these prices?
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Never gonna be able to see it. My broke ass never ever gonna see it
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