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Do you need hiking boots to go hiking?
I have hiking boots. But unless I'm going on a long hike or have a heavy pack, I find myself wearing not hiking boots, but trail runners. Is that OK? I mean, I know that it's best to give something with more protect and support to your feet while you're out hiking, but I don't always think I need my boots which can be too heavy. When I'm in my trail shoes I keep an eye for sharp rocks since the soles are thinner, but overall it's pretty much the same experience as hiking with boots. What are you thoughts about this? I think @fallingwater might have a lot of them!
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I also use at least mid-rise boots--my ankles can't handle the twisting and turning very well otherwise. But, I think it depends on your feet, and the trails you'll be on.
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I use hiking shoes a lot, to!
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I think like you said it depends on the situation. I know what works for my feet but you gotta do small tests and figure it out for yourself. I say boots are better in winter though!
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If not hiking boots, then hiking shoes that have enough support for my ankles.
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