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Grab a chair, a bottle of water, and a great workout playlist! We're going to tone and lengthen those legs :) Try this routine 3 times a week for the best results. STEP UP AND KNEE UP: Begin standing next to the chair, step one leg up onto the chair and bring your opposite leg up and bend your knee into your chest. Keep your core really tight and do your reps nice and slow. Squeeze your glutes as you’re pushing yourself upwards. KNEE TUCK AND LEG LIFT: Place your palms on the floor in front of the chair and place your toes on the chair. Hold yourself in a high plank position and keep your core tight. Using one leg at a time, bend your knee into your chest and kick it back and upwards as you squeeze your glutes. ELEVATED LEG LIFTS: Lay supine on the floor with your heels on the chair and your hips elevated. This is your starting position. Using one leg at a time, lift your leg into the air, bringing your toes to the ceiling. ALTERNATING LUNGES: Stand in front of the chair, bring one foot backwards placing it on the chair. Keep a slight bend in your back knee. This is your starting position. From here, bend both knees, lowering yourself into a lunge position. Continue all reps on one leg before moving to the opposite leg.
Once I get more confident I might take this to the park and use a bench!
Because of this card I have now realized that I don't have a single chair in my apartment
@kristenadams good luck lol!
TOTALLY doing this tonight!!
Wait this actually looks like a lot of fun!
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