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It doesn't take much to get Knick fans excited these days, but a win is a win. The Knicks easily beat Phil Jackson's old team after getting 31 points from "old man" Carmelo. There have been whispers around the league that Carmelo was starting to slow down due to his age. The are many who are starting to question whether he still has the knees to be the main guy on a team. He seems to be getting these questions even from his own teammates. I am guessing that is why he wanted to add something extra on that ally-oop pass from Jason Smith. I do hope that Melo starts to bounce back, but I wonder if that is best done this season. He is hurting the Knicks chances of winning the lottery, and he is hurting his own knees. I just wish that someone, anyone (cue Mr Jackson), would tell him to shut it down.
Exactly @goyo I am just not sure that this will actually help him do his job in the following years
Melo is not a selfish guy. He is a proud guy. He is not doing it for selfish reasons. He is doing it because he thinks that if he can play, he should play. That is afterall his job.
Pride can be selfish no? They usually lead to one another
Melo is just a proud guy. I don't see how he doing this for selfish reasons. He's wrong but doesn't make him selfish
Melo is a selfish guy! He needs to get his ass on the bench so the Knicks can get some more pinballs. If i were a true Knicks fan, Id also like to start getting looks at Travis Wear, Early, & Galloway