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McAfee Knob is easily the most photographed part of the AT. I really want to do a segment hike in this area so that I can see it for myself! I don't think I'd make it the whole AT, but it'd be great to do a segment that includes this area. I think my goal might be this: the Virginia Triple Crown! That pretty much means visiting Dragon's Tooth, McAfee Knob, and Tinker Cliffs. I know there's a shuttle service, but I want to do this for myself!
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Madness it may be, but I wanna go! @IbyIbyiby @esha
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Go ahead @yakwithalan I hope you enjoy your self and get back safe. @fallingwater don't believe everything you hear sometimes you have to believe your eyes and your mentality and if they also tell that it's simple then don't believe in them too. come on look at that place I wouldn't go that even with a gun pointed on my head. remember the stupid word your teacher use to annoy you with GRAVITY.
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@IbyIbyiby LOL true one slip and it could be very dangerous. I'll just be careful if I ever go!!!
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Congrats to all these hikers for getting to make it there!
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@IbyIbyiby Thank you very much!
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