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BTS: Just One Day I love everything about this song. I love the meaning, The singing is really good. I love their softer side, its good to be bad boys once in a while. But I love when they're boys in love :) EXO: Black Pearl I love love love this song!! I feel like they are singing to me :) D.O's voice is amazing in this song <3 (I found the live video with Luhan and Kris! :) Ailee: I'll show you I love singing along to this song. It's so fun :) Girls Generation: Find Your Soul I just really like dancing to this song. I'm definitely gonna sing this at a karaoke bar one day lol. Taeyang: Love You To Death If you listen to this song you'll understand why I love this song. He did an amazing job with this song. Taeyang is truly an amazing artist <3 Super Junior: Evanesce This song is just super good! :) 2NE1: Lonely I love the melody and their voices are on point. And there was a point when I was in a relationship and I felt lonely because I never saw him. So I had to end it. But I'm in a happier relationship now, so I don't feel lonely anymore but I still love this song! :) Brown Eyed Girls: Love is... Omg I just can't get enough of this song! Jea and Miryo did an amazing job on this song. It's so freaking catchy. SS501: Love ya I will forever love this song! The sexiness of their voices. Ughhh I just melt, I literally have an eargasm every time I hear this song... BIGBANG: Bad Boy I loved that they filmed this video in Brooklyn NY, but where the hell was I??? sooo mad I could've seen BIGBANG. Any who I really like this song. Well there ya go, another playlist completed :) @MattK95 @jiggzy19
Aiyah the feels!!!! THE FEELS!! Ugh Just One Day is an amazing song and BTS are an amazing group!! ^^ This list is awesome! Thanks for sharing this list @Allyphernelia it gave me serious fangirl feels lol XD
Love bigbang-bad boy. I just can't handle my body as it automatocally start to dance everytime i hear this song :-)
I LOVE that Taeyang song!
Your List is Amazing ^^
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