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Pop Quiz: Which genre of Korean music do you belong in?

So my life is a K-Drama guys lol Other wise, this is pretty spot on c: What will you guys get?
@christy I can't seem to direct my attention to any one group or any one style (genre) you could say I like a variety of music :)
@jiggzy19 I did it a second time too & somehow still managed to get the same thing D: @MattK95 I'll admit done odd these questions seemed in no way related to my musical tastes so it had me like O.o @@christy I can appreciate some K.Will c:
I got ballad music and k.will is my favourite guy ever
I got Hip hop
Ok I did this three times! First time I got trot! Second time I got rock/punk Lol! Third time I got Indie! Mixed personality I guess lol XD
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