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sorry this is so late. btw for the EXO videos ( your left speaker/ ear piece plays the EXO-K version while the left speaker/ ear piece play the EXO-M version wear both at the same time for a mash up of both EXO-k and ) anyways thanks for the challenge it was fun :) @MattK95 and @Christy 1. attack on bangtan 2.we are bulletproof (BTS) 3. Just one day (BTS) 4. No Mercy (BAP) 5. nalina (Block B) 6.wolf (EXO) 7. haru haru ( bigbang) 8. miracles in December ( EXO) 9. come back home (2ne1) 10.growl (EXO)
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@MattK95 yup EXO and BAP actually got me into K-Pop but i do love BTS more :P
@callmekaren NO Mercy is my go to dance song XD
Ugh I love your playlist! :)
Great choices!!
@princessfranki here are some groups hope you like them