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We all know that fruits, veggies and nuts helps promote healthy hair, but did you know that black sesame seeds are used to stimulate hair growth and restore hair color? Growing up I didn't understand why my mother encouraged me to eat black sesame seeds, but I understand her intention now. My family have a history of strong hair thanks to my grandfather who studies traditional Chinese medicine. My mother claims black sesame seeds are the reason why she still have healthy black hair in her 50s. I did a little research and found out black sesames are loaded with copper and zinc. Many of you know that copper is essential for the body as well as hair growth. It is also known to intensify hair color and delay the process of hair graying. On the other hand, zinc is vital for new hair cells and maintenance of the oil-secreting glands of the scalp. So, the take home message is sesame seeds is not only a healthy food choice to neutralize the effect of free radicals that damage cells and cause aging, it also nourishes the blood to stimulate healthy hair growth. How to incorporate black sesame seeds in your diet? 1. Roast the seeds and sprinkle it over salad, sandwiches or stir-fry. 2. Black Sesame Soup - a popular Chinese dessert, that helps nourish blood, aid in constipation, and treat dizziness. (Video recipe attached) 3. Black Sesame Milk -Also a great alternative for people who are lactose. You can find this in any organic store or Asian grocery mart. If you want to make it yourself, video is attached. Just replace regular sesame seeds to black sesame seeds.
@mikayla I believe it's dessert. My friend invited me over for dinner once and her family serve me this after the meal! It was delicious!
Is that a soup or dessert? Just wondering because it sounds sweet.
That soups actually sounds awesome (sorry @sophiamor hahaha)
Black sesame flavored shaved-snow is my favorite dessert! Now I have more reasons to eat it! :)
I would have never thought of this myself! I love black sesame ice cream!
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