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My dears, know what you're talking about when you're meeting with an event professional. If you're doing it yourself, then you definitely need to know your chairs: CHIAVARI (Rents for $8-12) This is the #1 rented chair for weddings and special events. It is the official chair used for State Dinners at the White House. These come in a variety of colors and made of either, wood, aluminum, or rezin. For a truly one-of-a-kind look, some manufacturers will custom-coat them in any Pantone color of your choosing. NAPOLEON (Rents for $8-12) This is the chair that is also used for weddings and special events, though not near as much as the classic Chiavari. This too is made of wood, aluminum, and rezin. Comes in standard colors as the Chiavari. GHOST with arms (Rents for $11-18) Based on Philippe Starck's homage to Louis XIV furniture for Kartell, the "Louis" chair has now become synonymous with and replaced by "Ghost." This chair comes in a variety of sheer colors with opaque options in red, black and white. GHOST without arms (Rents for $8-14) Similar to the "Louis," this chair is armless and is sometimes referred to as the "Victoria." However, it is still considered a "Ghost chair without arms." HOTEL/BANQUET (Rents for $0-6) Hotel banquet chairs were typically free and part of the venue rental cost. However, with so many hotels pinching pennies, the downturn in the economy has pushed hotels to begin charging to use the chairs. These chairs are typically made of aluminum, stackable, and are covered in either vinyl or a laminated chintz. 99% of the time, these ugly are chairs covered in $4 covers and $2 sashes. FOLDING (Rents for $4-9) These come in a variety of colors. Sometimes, clear, though that's like throwing a bumper sticker on a Bentley. Take your pick between wooden or plastic. Colors are black, white and mohogany. The plastic style are white, black and cream. Please don't rent these for indoor use! Now, there are other seating options not listed such as ottomans, benches, and that sort of thing. Figure out what your look is and where it is. Indoors or outdoors? Beware! I have seen many expensive Chiavari and Napoleon chairs show up from the vendor looking like crap! Chipped paint, gauged railings. At $12 each, that is unacceptable. If you would like more information on these chairs mentioned or any other seating please leave a comment or send me a private note if you'd like detailed information or advice. Always glad to help my brides for their wedding!
I agree with @onlydreaming. The rustic chairs would make for a really romantic wedding. I want my wedding to look like it came from a magazine. It's that pretty.
@danidee that's where I have to disagree. the white ones remind me too much of patio plastic chairs. lolol
i love the main picture for this!! i love rustic outdoor wedding ideas
Great card on wedding and event chairs @NixonWoman Personally, I've never been fond of the Napoleon chair.
I feel like we could talk about chairs from now till forever. And I mean that because chairs are such an integral part of the tablescape. You have to really consider a bunch of things like venue and budget. I am going to be in love with Ghost for a long time I think.
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