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Hello all! I hope your 2015 has started off splendidly. One of my goals, as you very well may know, has been to write more and to be a better moderator! While I have been writing more, I haven't been able to do any Community events here yet this year. It's time to change that! In November, we did a "Weekly Card Feature" as well as an end-of-month Collection feature. And I'm going to do it this month again! Since February is a month of love, it seems like the right time to give our Community some love in the form of more writing! FEBRUARY WEEKLY CARD FEATURE: - Every Sunday for the rest of the month, I will choose the piece that I feel best represents our community (through comments, likes, clips, and overall great-ness of the piece). - As moderator, I have the ability to make a card "sticky" which means it stays at the top of the Community recommended feed (read here for more details: - I will make the card I choose "sticky" and it will be featured for one week! FEBRUARY FEATURED COLLECTION CONTEST: - As a moderator, I also have the ability to feature two collections, so that they appear first in the collections feed of the community. - At the end of February, the two best collections will be featured for the beginning of March! - I'm choose the two based on thematic strength, as well as the strength of each piece. Each Collection should have a theme (either a specific Holiday Theme, or themed as all of your works, or something like that. Get creative!) They should also have a good looking cover image. You can see the two that won back in December here: - D James Breaux's Collection "Human Chronicles" by @DJamesBreaux - "Creative Writing By Kaitlynn Janae" by @KaitlynnJanae Let me know if you have any further ideas on how to grow our community, and message me if you have any interests in becoming Community Staff! NOTE: I'll be clipping all cards related to how Community events will go into this Collection, if you'd like to follow it:
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@hikaymm Great! @timeturnerjones Always happy to have your critiques.
Eeeek I'ms o excited about this! I won't be writing anything but I'll be here to comment & such!!
Awesome!! I'll make sure to make some posts :)