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Sometimes in life, you need to have all the answers. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes all you need to know is what your role in the play is. Not who is directing it. Sometimes all you need to do is walk on the path ahead of you, not knowing where you are headed. Because sometimes having all the answers kills the exuberance of the quest. Sometime knowing the director may cause a tiff. Sometimes knowing where you are headed would make you question your decision and directions. Sometimes all you need to do is sit back and let the pieces of your life fall into place. Because they eventually will, due to gravity. Everyday we wake up not knowing what is going to happen next. Our life is not about how many years we have survived, but about how many days have we actually lived. Sometimes life is a piece of cake and other times it is a river of fire. Not everyone can enjoy the cake and not everyone can swim the fire. sometimes happiness hurts n pain make you stronger. so do not perceive life on your own ideology, let it flow. Do not ask questions, just let answers come to you. Sometimes just wait for the bus to stop, don’t run behind it. sometimes it is better to fall than to climb and forget where you’ve begun from. Sometimes all the pain you’ve come across is just a reminder of how strong you are and how much stronger can you be. Sometimes all the tests you give are not to judge you but to make you realize your own worth. So sometimes be your teacher, be your guide. Sometimes let the child inside come out and play. because sometimes being cautious will make your life still. And taking risks will push you closer to unimaginable horizons. And sometimes pushing yourself a little too much will help you live your imaginations. Sometimes when tears come let them flow when god puts your faith to question, challenge him. When people say you are weak, prove yourself When life pulls you back, break free. Sometimes when you don’t find inspiration, inspire yourself.
me too! miss everyone...
fine neaa, but miss u so much ans miss talk with u , unni,anna and all guys here,
thanks samra are you?
Sometimes all what we need to stay away for all the world in order to cure ourselves from the treason of people who give them ourselves on a platter of glad,who share with them every thing,but no one can fell our hurt more than we,so thnx neaa for u story who is inspired.
thank you all... love love!! :)
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