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Here's another great way to use the Urban Decay Naked3 palette. This was inspired from beauty guru Keiko Lynn's rosy smokey eye makeup. I put it together in a diagram to quickly show you what shadows are used. I'm seriously in love with this palette and this is a great smokey eye look for any occasion. This look was created with 3 shades: 1. "Blackheart" for lid and lower lash line. 2. "Burnout" for inner and crease. 3. "Nooner" for outer crease. Instruction: 1. To start, apply primer all over lid and lower lash line. 2. Line up the upper and lower lash line with your eyeliner. 3. Smudge the liner to diffuse any harsh lines. 4. Using a brush gently pat on "blackheart". 5. Using a blending brush, blend up and out. Blend the lower lash line. 6. Sweep "Burnout" above inner crease. 7. Apply "Nooner" on outer crease. 8. Continue blending 9. Finish with mascara!
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@onlydreaming I agree!
@stoops I've been using the naked basic palette and recently got the naked3. I switch off between the two, but these days I've been using naked3 a little more. It's versatile for many occasions!
I've already almost gone through nooner on my Naked 3 lol
@stoops you used it well. lol
nice...but its never dat perfect wen I do myself