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As someone who spent 18 years of my life taking dance lessons, and learning how to take critique like a dancer before I even knew I would enjoy writing, this advice really hit home! The main takeaway here is this: corrections are good. Corrections mean that someone is looking at you. Corrections mean that someone believes that you are worth the time to correct. Corrections. Are. Good. In dance studios, teachers don't take the time to correct the students they feel have no chance of getting better. Rather, they're often hardest on the best students, because they believe they have the most room to grow. In writing, it can be the same: editors (and teachers) won't take the time to fully mark up every little thing about that draft you asked for feedback on if they don't think you're worth it. Seriously. There are some other ways to learn from dancers, too, which Kim Bullock did a great job of sharing: - Take “class” from several teachers. They will all focus on different things and give you a well-rounded grasp of technique. - Resist any temptation to tell off the teacher. The suggestions that made you the angriest are probably the ones you most need to hear. - A teacher who believes in your potential will challenge you to exceed it. If you do, they may push you even more. This is a compliment. - Generic praise is rarely helpful. - Blunt criticism hurts. Instead of letting it discourage you, use it to feed your determination. Good luck, everyone!
@timeturnerjones I hope you'll keep critiquing mine, then!! @greggr That's because you care much more about every single student!! They're lucky to have you.
HA! Though, i have to say, this isn't always the case. As a teacher of younger students, I find that I must give critique and assistance to all my students, whether I truly think they will be star writers or not, because it's the right thing to do.
Good advice!!!! I LOVE giving feedback and critiques, but I find it impossible to do if I'm not moved in some way by the piece. So, if I'm spending a lot of time on your piece, you should be honored!! (well, maybe not honored, lol...)