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It can be really, really hard to step out in your first cosplay. I still get really nervous!!! I've only cosplayed a few times (not just for this reason lol) and it does get easier, I promise! How did I get over it? I just made my friends drag me! My first cosplay was a group cosplay, and we all bought or made them together so that we would be in sync. I felt much better this way because I wasn't so worried my cosplay would look the worst or anything like that! When people started commenting how they like my costume I started feeling better! Now, I don't mind going alone, but I always do a test run with cool, honest friends so that I can make sure it's going to get the compliments I know my hard work deserves! How about we all share our tips for being brave and getting out there in cosplay?
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@somnia Exactly!! Just do it!!! That's why I added that advice to my own just really have to go for it.
I think if you're REALLY, REALLY shy you can do something like this guy and cover you face!! Or, do a cosplay that has an optional mask that you can take off an dput on!
My advice: just do it! You won't find a place that will be welcoming than a con to try out your cosplay.
@timeturnerjones Shy Guy doesn't know what you're talking about!
lololol you troll you used the picture of shy guy!!! I'd say just go for it and do it with a friend: that's an easy way to push yourself forward!