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Usually updos can be overwhelming because of the weight, but this relaxed chignon is light, chic and sophisticated. Perfect for special occasions and brides that are having an outdoor wedding.
1. Section hair into 2 ½ inch sections. Take each hair section & curl with 1 ¼ inch barrel curling iron & lightly mist a very light hold hair spray onto hair.
2. Gather the curled hair sections & pin them up. Mist pinned hair with light holding hair spray. Allow hair to set for at least 30 minutes.
3. Remove the pinned set working from the nape of the neck area first. Leave the crown, front & side sections alone for now.
4. Back comb or lightly tease each loose section at the root. Mist hair with a light hold hair spray. After back combing & spraying, gently smooth any snarls or flyways with a wide tooth comb, and then finger comb the sections together.
5. Use an elastic band to create a side ponytail. The crown area of the hair should still remain set.
6. Divide the ponytail into sections. Take each section and fold the sections loosely and randomly around the base of ponytail & secure with a bobby pin. The sections should looks soft as if they were ready to fall out of the knot.
7. Release pin curls from crown, sides & front. Repeat step 6 & 7 until all of the sections are blended & pinned into place. Style the front as you like. Gently loosen any side wisps for a romantic look.
8. Apply a small amount of smoothing crème to flyaway areas. Lightly mist with a finishing hair.
Hair and Makeup: Madga Designs | Photography: Millie B
So pretty! And I'm afraid of the same thing @alohajpark. My hair is so heavy1
Her hair is gorgeous!
Lol @madeleine. We surely can't live without bobby pins! hahaha
Wow this is really stunning!
Very elegant! I showed this to my youngest daughter (who's very much into hairstyling) and she attempted to do this on my hair this morning for church. She used about 7 hair pins to keep the messy chignon in place. Got lots of compliments this morning.
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