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I was really looking forward to this performance. And Katy Perry did NOT disappoint. Loved everything about her performance. Well, almost everything. Here is what her outifts reminded people off: 1) the pokemon Magmar 2) the pokemon Emboar -> I've lost track of all the new pokemons :'( 3) Pro Wrestler Bam Bam Bigelow -> LOVE his name XD 4) Will Ferrel in Blades of Glory 5) Flaming Hot Cheetohs 6) Avatar's Zuko the firebender 7) A saiyan transforming into a super saiyan 8) Guy Fieri 9) A hot dog on a stick employee
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lmao!! spot on!
@jessi23 I loved the "lion" she rode on!
My sister's boyfriend kept being like "SHE LOOKS LIKE A HOT DOG ON A STICK EMPLOYEE!" and we all thought he was weird until we saw this.
Wow! Too funny! Excellent job of matching all these which are really hilarious! She had a good performance but the outfits were a little cheesy!