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There are inexplicable tales of levitating objects, mysterious healings, and sonic sensations. If the Voynich Manuscript is something you know about and find of particular interest, then read on. Built under a shroud of secrecy--allegedly by one man--Edward Leedskalnin's Coral Castle took 28 years to build and was dedicated to the only woman he ever loved. Agnes Scuffs, however, refused to reciprocate and spurned him at his proposal for marriage. With deep Masonic roots, and a chance illness that left him immobilized, Leedskalnin emerged from his invalid state with a clarity as focused as his determination. His motivation to finish erecting many-ton pieces of coral came from his fascination with esoteric Egyptian architecture. He later published a leaflet that, without divulging a single secret, declared his intimate understanding of how the pyramids were built, which was how he created Coral Castle. Wish you were here? If you're finally exhausted from searching for something mystical or oddly unique for your wedding event, then Coral Castle, formerly known as Rock Gate Park, may be the venue just for you. Situated in a grungy part of Homestead, about 35 minutes south of Miami-International Airport, Coral Castle is off Old Dixie Hwy with limited parking. Trickier, however, is finding ample space to place traditional tables and seating inside amongst the statuary. In my professional opinion, this would make for a really great rehearsal dinner venue or nuptials that are extremely small, say 30 people or less. Visit the website at With a stead flow of swordfish ceviche and flowing libations, I'd be game for a mystical night at Coral Castle myself.
ohhhhhhh, yes. The Voynich Manuscript. @noonmarez I may be sending you a note about this because It's long-winded a a bit. haha Have you ever heard of Coast2CoastAM? It's a radio show world-wide that talks about aliens, and big foot, among other things. The bizarre, mostly. And that's what this place is. I referenced the Voynich Manuscript because it too is just as bizarre. It was written in a language never seen or heard of before. It dates to a time before microscopes and yet there are illustrations of microbes that could only be detected using science--tools that didn't exist when the book was written. Very chilling.
What is a voynich manuscript @nixonwoman? Weird but cool place to have a wedding