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Identifying your skin tone will be helpful in determining what foundation and concealer suits you best. The Fitzpatrick scale is a traditional way to find out your tone. I didn't find one that exactly listed everything I wanted, so I put together a chart for your reference. In addition, I included a chart to test if your skin is warm or cool. This would be helpful for hair coloring. (I) Very Fair You tend to have very pale or ivory tone skin. Your easily burn under the sun and your skin naturally have a reddish undertone. Tip: Wear SPF 30+ daily. (II) Fair Your have a fair and cream-colored complexion with beige undertone. Your skin is also prone to burning under the sun but it may also tan. Tip: Wear SPF 30+ daily. (III) Light Medium Your skin tone has a golden, honey-hue with a slight hint of olive. During summer you might burn easily but it can also gradually tan and become a sun-kissed glow. Tips: Wear SPF 30+ daily (IV) Medium Deep You have caramel skin tone and usually tans quickly but you rarely burn. Tip: Wear SPF 15+ daily. (V) Deep Your skin tone might range from radiant braze to a rich brown. You rarely burn under the skin but you fast and quickly! Tip: Wear SPF 15+ daily (VI) Very Deep Your skin tone falls in between deep mahogany to espresso and you almost never burn. However, you tend to tan quickly during summer. Tip: Wear SPF 15+ daily.
That's crazy! I would have never used the paper trick haha
I have skin tone #2 (fair) and I have to wear SPF 50+ during summer to avoid getting burn.