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Ultimate luxury is leaving the reception, not in a limousine, getting stuck in traffic, but boarding a chopper and flying to your next destination, be it Miami-International Airport or the rooftop of any one of Miami's million-dollar penthouses for rent. Though it's not ready yet, 2017 marks the completion date for 1000 Museum, the most anticipated new residential address outside of Fisher Island. Their millionaire's concierge service isn't a perk--it comes standard. (Orders a Gibson....) If your wedding dream is to make a statement--something like an expletive with an exclamation point--then I can think of no other venue than 1000 Museum. Forget fancy ballrooms with chandeliers hanging every eight feet. Forget six-tier fondant wedding cakes. Forget djs and line dancing. Forget everything you think you want and know about weddings because none of that stuff will ever happen here. This is where you and 20 of your dearest, sit 80 floors above the surf and dine on something influential and French by master chef Pierre Gagnaire. Oprah's probably on speed dial if she's not already invited. And the gown is couture the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. And he's but two seats apart from you. Catch my drift? (Takes a deep breath and orders another Gibson....)
I can't imagine a wedding like this. Who would have the money for this? Sounds like a modern bride's fairytale. haha
You couldn't be more right about that @noonmarez. It would be glamorous to have the money and the power to globetrot from hotel to destination in this kind of magnificent luxury. What a moment at lift-off.
This is the kind of wedding fit for the illuminati. hahaha
LOL Your comment gave me the giggles @DaniaChicago You're right, who does have the money for such extravagance? In all the years I've done professional events, I have met a few that actually qualify for this level of expense. Believe it or not, brides like this do exist.