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Song Seung Hun revealed his friend, fellow actor So Ji Sub’s drinking style, when he was interviewed by KBS’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ on January 31. The two handsome actors had acted together in sitcom ‘Three Guys, Three Girls’ back in 1996. The conversation started when a reporter mentioned that So Ji Sub is known as a heavy drinker. In response, he even added the actor who is one year younger than him, drinks like a ‘whale’. “Not just a heavy drinker, he drinks like a ‘whale’,” he said, which made people laughed. Read more: Follow us on Twitter for the latest update of your K-Pop idol!
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Knock it off!! Most people who look at other people's drinking habits, are heavy drinkers themselves! They worry about how much they drink and hopes the other person drinks the same amount or more. I know the mentality because I worked in a detox center for a time. Don't worry about how much anyone else drinks, worry about the amount you drink. If your concerned about your drinking, don't look at someone else, get HELP! The end. Do not go to Twitter, so to your nearest emergency room. Twitter will not detox anyone.