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Autumn Red Hair Color Suggestion!
Hey guys! So I'm considering to dye my hair, but I'm having trouble with settling on a color. Originally, I wanted an autumn maple red hair color, but I came across several variations that I really like. All of them matches my skin tone (olive), so I need a little suggestion. Here's question for all of you. Should I go with: A. A light autumn red/brown B. A dark autumn red C. A bright autumn red D. Combine the dark and red with an ombre style Thank you! :)
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I went from dark brown hair to a color close to b last summer and I got so many compliments
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I honestly like B!
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Thanks everyone! I think I'll have to go with B! :)
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I like B too, I love the color of C but I think that only looks good if its natural haha
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B 馃槏馃槏
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