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Rainbow Dash Wigs Extravaganza!

I'm not a huge My Little Pony fan anymore, but I do have to say I love the cosplays that I've seen out of the series! My favorite two to see are Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, but when it comes to impressive wigs, it's Rainbow Dash that I really love seeing! The multi-colored wigs that are usually paired with the cosplays (to match RD's mane and tail!) are so impressive. I'm not sure if people typically buy them or add in the multi-color wefts themselves, but either way, the end result is SO pretty! I found some of the explanations by cosplayers about how they made their wigs so included it below, too! Cosplayers: 1: "The wig was airbrushed with Liquitex Liquid Acrylics in several stages and coats to prevent the colors of the rainbow from mixing with each other. I wanted to get a nice pastel rainbow effect to the wig, so the main option was to hand dye it myself. The jareth was a great choice for how spiky and full her hair is, and I love the quality of the wig. It styles very easily, and I had to do almost no styling to achieve her "spiky" look here." 2: 3: 4: "I hand colored a white wig with Sharpie markers, the feathers are colored with blue floral spray, and the necklace is made from cardboard! Ears are made from Paper Clay. " 5: 6: again! This photo taken by @yenra!
love 1st 3rd n 6th
@somnia Woahhhh I thought it was just drawing on them, not going to lie. Do people usually do that?! Why not just use different dye?!
@vulpix Yeah, and some people don't find that it turns out that well but I really think that depends on if you do it the right way (that means not just drawing on the wig with sharpies, but using the ink from the sharpies to create a dye!)
The sharpie technique sounds like hell but it does look nice @somnia
The wig looks very pastel in the first one, but if that is the same girl in the 6th image, it really does pop when worn with the whole cosplay
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