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his presence was always welcome he filled the void in my heart where my father was not all he ever did was care i remember .... he was so understanding and before he would yell at me like everyone else he would look back at his years and see the reasoning behind this mistake i had just commited my grandpa was always there for me, a father when wanted and a freind when needed i remember the only thing he hated were hospitals which brought my mom suprised when he showed up in the room after i was born he didnt do that with my older brother i remember he was a really distant man you see, when he thought he was alone i would peek around the corner and sometimes see that one tear in his eye that never fell . no one outside my family knows he served many years in both the korean and veitnam war he never told anyone not even my mom because hes not proud of what he did and hes too strong to let that tear fall . he always put on a mask showing a new man a gentle man , love was all he ever showed to us but i could always tell there was something on his mind its been seven years since that day and i still lay awake at night wishing he was still here there is so much i would show him like how happy my life is right now and how much i am like him i would show him that grandma still loves him and that i know mom still cries about him sometimes i want him to meet my girl freind and i want him to know i still ache for advice from him i want him to know that mom and gerald got married finally and i wish i could tell him even though gerald has been been in my life since i could walk no one comes closer to being my dad and my hero than you.
Really touching @RobertStriker I hope you never lose this memory of him.
Beautiful piece of commemoration for you grandfather; it carries the words you know need said.
A really nice tribute @RoberStriker. I think he knows those things you wish you could tell him; I hope you can take a little comfort in that!