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As horrible as most commercial deodorants are for your body, I have never been comfortable making the switch to natural ones. I remember buying a stick of vegan deodorant, using it, and then having a horrible (and extremely spot-specific) allergic reaction. Another time, it worked for only a few hours - and certainly not as an antiperspirant. Schmidt's Deodorant, however, is not only cruelty and chemical free, but outlasts any other natural brand on the market, deodorizing and absorbing moisture the entire time. I love it because it comes in all sorts of exotic scents from ylang ylang + calendula to bergamont + lime. My older sister loves it because it's made with humulus lupulus - an ingredient craft beer fans might know as 'hops'! (Hop extract is a common natural ingredient known to reduce body odor.) Want to find Schmidt's near you? Check out the store locator on their official website, or order directly online!
@asparagus My sister has the bergamont and lime one and loves the smell.
I am interested in this simple because of the scents!!
@GetFitwithAmy As far as deodorants go (to the extent of my knowledge), it's not so much that the product itself isn't vegan, but that a majority of companies use animals to test their products. The chemicals in many antiperspirants, however, are horrible for you, so natural as possible is always just a smarter choice!
Why have I never considered the ingredients in deodorant before?