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My heart literally sank when I heard about how the "Frankenstorm" Sandy has torn up NYC and how devastating the impact has been so far.. Nope, never have I lived in NYC.. And I have no intention at all in becoming a New Yorker.. But after having 3 holidays spent over there, god knows how I fond NYC and how my NYC memories are Precious (yup, Precious with a big P).. NYC might not be the cleanest, prettiest, or greatest place on earth, but surely no other city can beat NYC's own unique atmosphere.. It just has something unexplainable, something more than what other places could offer.. Even my 50ish-years old mum said that she doesn't mind staying in NYC for the rest of her time.. LOL.. I guess she still has that upbeat and young heart within her despite of her age.. But now, the table has turned, and NYC will never be the same again.. Well, at least for the couple months ahead.. My prayer goes to every New Yorkers who lost their homes and families, to those who lost their smiles, and to those who lost their passions.. May blessings, strength, and hope be upon you guysss.. Stay strong NYC! Stay strong for I know you've always been able to stand back up and give us plenty of excitements as you did before.. As Alicia Keys said here in her song "There's nothing you can't do in NY," I know our expectation on you, NYC, will not run low.. :)
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awww.. i feel exactly the same kaya kamu dear.. i hope the restoration bakalan cepet dan bisa pulih seperti awal.. dan hopefully ke depannya ga akan terjadi seperti ini lagi ya