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I didn't know anything about Podshare yesterday. Or 20 minutes ago. And now, I'm convinced that Podshare needs to be saved (even if that means pitching in a few bucks). Why? Because I love the idea of hostels. I love the idea of staying somewhere that, if you want to, hooks you up with other travelers for a good time while your traveling. Podshare does all of that, and it's pretty cool! Considering it's ranked the #1 place to stay in LA, I think there are many others that agree. If you watch the video, you can see the Podshare owner Elvina Beck being kind of hilarious, but you can also see the space, the connections, and the kind of place to stay it really is. They can't stay open any longer because the buildings new owner won't renew the lease for a co-living space, so they need to rebuild the pods elsewhere. If this is somewhere that you, like me, hope you can stay in the future (and hope gets expanded!) check out their Indie GoGo campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/save-podshare-end-world-loneliness It ends on February 13!
@danidee The plus side is that their indie gogo campaign is going to be funded even if they don't meet the goal, and they're only about $5,000 away anyways! Hopefully we can see them expand!!
Man, that's actually really cool. I hope they're able to see their goal met. I'd recommend this to a lot of my friends to travel into LA on vacation!