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I always loved Mad Libs as a kid. Seriously loved them. My dad was so tired of me wanting mad lib books that we printed out a ton of them and had them stockpiled so that I could do them all the time. Something about them never got old to me! Even now, I get a serious laugh out of them. Sometimes, nonsensical just becomes really, really funny. And recently, I realized, I could use my love of mad libs to work on my on-the-spot writing creativity. Really! All you have to do is this: Choose one noun, adjective and verb. Try to make them random. If they "get along" too well, that won't be fun at all. And you won't be working as hard! Now, write a story with the words, but they need to make sense in context. While Mad Libs are usually hilarious and nonsensical, the goal here is to make a story that makes sense. You could also try this with a friend: give each other your noun, adjective and verb to see what you both come up with. Compare, critique, and move on! Try one here in the comments: noun: cashew adjective: empathetic verb: leers
@hikaymm I try to incorporate the things that students find exceptionally fun and miss doing as often as possible.
@timeturnerjones Honestly, I just kind of let my mind go and get wacky!!! Just stop thinking so much and try to just write, write, write whatever comes to mind. You can always refine and delete later, but you have to get it out first!! @greggr I wish I could have done that in school, too!! We only ever got to do Mad Libs on days just before holiday breaks.
Mad libs! What a fun way of trying to incorporate creative thought. I've done something similar before: written a mad lib and then tried to turn it into a story that makes sense! My students love doing this because they get to have fun making the mad lib, and then that fun carries over.
Everything I can think of for this is either so lame or so bizarre :( it's hard to get into the right mindset....how do you do it/? @hikaymm