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I don't like late night shows. Mostly, because I think that they are boring. The hosts are usually boring, and talking about things that I am definitely uninterested in. Jimmy Fallon is changing that. And this might be the turning point! First of all, Will Ferrell is a freaking genius. Like seriously. His first performance of Beyonce's "Love on Top" is as Jimmy Fallon put it "You can't unsee that!" But the dark horse was definitely Kevin Hart. That last performance was beyond ridiculous lol
@galinda BAH you just made be spit water all over my phone hahahahahhaa
I'm pretty sure Jimmy Fallon is better at being a teenage girl than I was at being a teenage girl.
he sang 'Drunk in love' not love on top :p
A hilarious entertainment; one night dat don't mind staying up late. Will, Jimmy n Kevin n Drew wat a team! more! more!
Jimmy Fallon can do no wrong. Everything he does is ridiculous.
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