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Give your advice in the comments, everybody!! Q: I like a guy who I'm friends with, and he's pretty much everything I've ever wanted in a guy. The thing is, he's dating someone else. I thought it would bother me because I tend to fall hard and then be emotionally devastated when it doesn't work out, but even though I see them kissing and such I don't feel jealous or upset or anything. I'm pretty confused because even if it's better that I'm not, I expected to feel jealous. Is this normal? Does it mean I don't actually like him? I'm not sure what to do from here.
@SudaneseWoman I'm glad that even though it's not working out right now, you're ok with it!! That's the way we have to be :)
I'm in the same situation, I moved on am dating another guy for now, but he still close to me, we still talk a lot, my heart moves whenever he is in touch with me, although I see him with his girlfriend, am fine and happy for him.
I've been in this situation, too, and it is so confusing!! Even if I know that I like them, I'm not upset. I think it really is just because you're a big enough person to not be angry or jealous :)
Hmm....or maybe, you simply WANT to like him. Either way, wait it out. Things will become clear!
My answer? Just because you're not heartbroken doesn't mean you don't like him. It means that your mind (and your body) knows it's not the right time. It might never be the right time, but for now, you seem to be okay with that. This is probably because he might be happy, and you're just glad for that. Don't worry about it too much. It's better not to pine and hope that his relationships ends, anyways. I won't say "move on" but allow yourself to be open to other possibilities. You never know who will come along! And if they don't, the affection you had for him probably isn't going anywhere. People date lots of people in their lives: your time will come, and that might just not be right now!
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