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Give your advice in the comments, everybody!! Q: I like a guy who I'm friends with, and he's pretty much everything I've ever wanted in a guy. The thing is, he's dating someone else. I thought it would bother me because I tend to fall hard and then be emotionally devastated when it doesn't work out, but even though I see them kissing and such I don't feel jealous or upset or anything. I'm pretty confused because even if it's better that I'm not, I expected to feel jealous. Is this normal? Does it mean I don't actually like him? I'm not sure what to do from here.
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I don't remember liking a boy that was involved with another girl. If it did happen, then I'm sure I moved on. If you're in line to like a boy, chances are, there are more girls out there just like you thinking the same thing
I'm in the same situation, I moved on am dating another guy for now, but he still close to me, we still talk a lot, my heart moves whenever he is in touch with me, although I see him with his girlfriend, am fine and happy for him.
@SudaneseWoman I'm glad that even though it's not working out right now, you're ok with it!! That's the way we have to be :)
I think you mentally acknowledge the fact that you can't have him (now) maybe that's why it doesn't bother you... Advice: don't over think stuff, u might end up doing something stupid.
i think u have ur mind controlling over that's why and uk the facts