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It's not easy getting out of bed and hitting the ground running the morning for most people, but for those brave few who find power in the early hours of the day - this is why you rock (and maybe these reasons will inspire some more people to start setting their alarms a little earlier!) 1. You'll Rock at Work Those lucky people who can hop out of bed without hitting the snooze button approach their careers with a more determined, hands-on attitude. Researchers at the University of Education in Heidelberg, Germany, found that night folks tend to be more creative, but the early birds usually have advanced problem-solving skills. (From Fitness Magazine) 2. You'll Be More Reliable If you find yourself procrastinating or find yourself a little moodier than you usually are, then you might want to consider waking up a bit earlier. According to a study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, night owls are less reliable, less emotionally stable, and more likely to have addictions (eek!). So instead of planning a late date-night, suggest getting together with your friends for a morning run or grabbing breakfast! 3. You'll Be More Alert Morning people tend get more sleep than their late-night friends, resulting in more awareness, a healthier immune system, and a more positive outlook about their day-to-day activities. 4. You'll Stress Less Feel like there isn't enough time in the day? A study at the University of London found that those who woke up around 7:00 a.m., on average, had a lower chance of being stressed, depressed, or overweight. So if you think that extra 30 minutes of sleep will help you feel rested for work, it may be doing the exact opposite! 5. You'll Lose More Weight Studies show that working out in the early hours of your day speeds up your metabolism, helping you burn more calories, resist junk-food, and seek out healthier snacks!
@galinda I just enjoy life! Which gives me energy I guess? Though I wish I could sleep more during normal hours! Every few weeks it does catch up to me and I may sit on the sofa and next thing I know I am a waking up the next day! But it is healthier to get 6-8 hours of sleep when you can! I recommend highly getting sleep! My friend's just say here's the energizer bunny! lol!
Sorry I disagree! I feel anyone can be awesome and full of idea's depending on their personal energy. I have too much energy and insomnia and most all my life I've slept maybe an hour or two a night. Having friends, always making new ones out dancing to Hip Hop and Rap a few nights a week I find even the 21 yr olds and older up to my age and older can't keep up! They're falling asleep at the after hours clubs and by breakfast and I still have weeks of energy to burn. Sleepers have no idea what a beautiful night it is out and the peace and quiet of everyone else asleep around! When the sun comes up it's time for my quick hour maybe two hour nap to rejuvenate and then the world is alive again for a whole new day! So sorry I feel it depends on whether you're energetic be it early morning, midday, night or all night long! Party like it's 1999 or 2099, live, enjoy, be healthy and the energy will come! least I'm creative?
7am is early? Hack, it's 4:45 now!
@redridergirl I agree that you should get the most out of your day (sounds like you know how to live too - I wish I went dancing more!) I just can't do it hahahah I can't function on less than 4 hours.
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