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+ You eat when you have too much work. What to do: Food is not going to help your situation since no matter how much you snack, the work still needs to be done. Overeating will make you feel sluggish, and even more unhappy. Instead, stop and take a few deep breaths (as many as you need). This will help you focus on the moment and think before you start emotional eating. Now go tackle that project! + You eat when you're having relationship problems. What to do: Whether its a breakup, a friend fight, or stress from your family, food isn't going to change anything. Eventually, all of the emotions that are causing you to eat, are going to catch up with you. If you don't address them head on, you're just going to continue being miserable. Take matters into your owns hands and turn to a journal or call a friend. + You don't eat when you're stressed. What do to: If you're simply not hungry, it might just be your body's reaction to stress, but if you're actively avoiding food, the problem could be much bigger. Allow yourself a little of what you want when you want it. Food is not the enemy. You need the nutrients and energy to pull through whatever is troubling you.
@galinda I had to do the same thing. It's too easy to get up and grab another handful of pretzels or something when you're so close to the kitchen.
When I am stressed about work, I high-tail it out of the kitchen. I know that if I am close to temptation I will munch like crazy.
I always snack and work, its such a bad habit!
I feel like when the weatherman says I'm going to be snowed in he might as well say "Today's forecast: bored eating"
@sjeanyoon same here! I have now moved my usual reading are out of the dining room (right next to the kitchen) to the upstairs living room so I can't graze.
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