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It's been over a thousand years since a temple to Norse Gods has been constructed in Iceland. Recently, a sort of neo-paganism has been gaining popularity in Iceland, leading to this development. It'll be built with a domed roof facing the sun, and is expected to be a place for weddings, funerals, confirmations and other festivities. (And no, they don't sacrifice anything these days). Knowing very little about paganism, or about what neo-paganism might then be, I did some research. Is this just another religion worshiping gods without hesitation? Not really. Rather than just being about worshiping gods, it seems that Norse lore and values are more based in learning about and acknowledging your history and ancestors, living an honorable life, and doing honorable things. Honorable actions and gaining wisdom is how you gain favor, rather than by simply worshiping and expecting things to be done for you. Regardless of whether you agree with paganism (which, sounds bad on principal) I think what they're doing is really interesting. Not only are they not just blindly worshiping a god, they're focusing on the metaphors for life that are embedded in their beliefs, and focusing on being good people. And that's it. If more temples means more good people, I'm in support.
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@yakwithalan The numbers have fluctuated throughout the years, but yes. @DaniaChicago I'm really not sure; I just know the very basics about this spiritualism!
@DaniaChicago @drwhat Rather than sacred texts, there are sagas and legends that form the basis of their beliefs.
I see. Well thanks for the reply @drwhat
Do they have their own version of the Torah? Sacred writings?
Though this is the first temple in 1000 year,s there have been people still following these practices all this time, yes?
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