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These are the 10 foods you should incorporate in your diet once a week for a healthy balance! 1. Salmon - They're packed with protein and Omega-3 fatty acids which we need for numerous normal body functions (such as controlling blood clotting and building cell membranes in the brain). 2. Beans - It's high in protein and fiber. This is especially important for a healthy heart! Plus, they're a good addition to salads. 3. Avocado - A great way to add healthy fats in your diet. I also wrote about it here! 4. Blueberries - These little berries are packed with antioxidant. Good for nervous system and for brain health. 5. Dark Chocolate - Another great source for antioxidant and helps lower the risk of heart disease (when consumed in moderation!) 6. Spinach - Loaded with Vitamin A, K, D, and E. Also a superfood green food with omega-3 fatty acid. 7. Pumpkin - You don't have to wait until Fall to eat this big orange fruit. This fruit is known for its immune-boosting properties for eye health. 8. Greek Yogurt - High in protein and live active culture to help digestion! 9. Honey - It's anti-bacterial properties is often used for soothing throat. In addition, it makes a great natural sweetener.
@caricakes I have no idea why I was singing your sentence to Meghan Trainor's bass song. lol
I'm all about that non-fat greek froyo with honey, chocolate, and berries on top!
The taste but my mom always force me to eat tho!!
@satish87 Thanks! :)
@stargaze I'm all about that fruit, 'bout that fruit, with yogurt!
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