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That is tough news for all Rocket fans. While the Rockets are relieved to hear that Howard will be back for the playoffs, they are left to fend without him for at least a month. This means that they are not only going to somehow figure out a way to remain in the top 4, but also how to not fall out of the playoff picture. There might be a lot of people who think I am being crazy to even consider that the Rockets could fall out of the playoff picture, but look at the Thunder! Good luck Rocket fans. You will be in for a difficult month.
@Goyo umm they are 12th in points allowed
Rockets are deeper but the West is really loaded. Losing your top defensive player, when you are a defensive team, will hurt a lot.
The Rockets are deeper than the Thunder. they dont have the issues of being a 2 player team. They still have harden, parsons, josh smith, Ariza, brewer, terry