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There is a reason why Whole Foods is often called "Whole Paycheck." It's in no way the most affordable food source out there. Because of the great vegan and vegetarian options there, though, I find myself hitting the store more than once a month. Here are some great tips from One Green Planet on how to save some money! 1. Fall in Love with 365 Whole Food's 365 brand is not what you think of when you consider a store brand. Whole Foods has strict standards on what they allow in all their 365 brand items and they al taste great! The 365 peanut butter, almond butter, frozen berries, frozen veggies, almond milk, dried fruits, and soy milk are just some of the items you can find at a much lower price. 2. Stick With Basics Go with the 365 fair-trade bananas, the 365 brand of packaged spinach and kale versus other brands, apples, oranges, zucchini, grape or vine tomatoes, heads of broccoli, sweet potatoes, and some cucumbers and peppers. These items might not be too exciting, but they’re incredibly healthy when bought at Whole Foods because many of these items are local! 3. Stock Cheap Grains, Roots, and Beans Oats, rice, lentils, green beans, black beans, kidney and garbanzo beans, sweet potatoes and carrots are all some of the cheapest foods to keep in the house, and are easy to find at Whole Foods. Get the simple good stuff in bulk! 4. Skip the Prepared Beverages Aisle Completely The kombucha, trendy beers, fancy juices, and $4 bottles of coconut water all located in the refrigerated beverage aisle should be skipped. Just don't do. 5. Keep Your Condiments to 3-4 Per Month One area of our pantries that can get out of hand quickly is the condiments. From the hot sauce to the miso dip, to the tahini, mustard, apple cider vinegar, organic ketchup, specialty mustards, condiments can pile up quickly. The thing is, you’re always going to want to try a new one; its just inevitable, so the best thing to do is buy one each time you go and make it a rule that you won’t stock more than 3-4 per month without using those first. For more tips check out the link!
I had such an organized system when I lived in NYC - I'd hit the Columbus Circle Whole Foods every Friday at 7pm, grab my 4-5 groceries, one of their huge chocolate chip cookies, and then relax at home with my fresh veg :) Having a set list made things a lot easier and cheaper!
I agree with the prepacked part. I always go to Whole Foods during the semester for their hot lunch bar and end up spending $10 on what ends up being like, 3/4 roasted brussel sprouts and a scoop of pasta. SO much cheaper to just make at home.
I make it a point to not buy anything that I can get at other stores. I only get something at Whole Foods if it is hard to get anywhere else for a lower price :)
The 365 mix of frozen berries is a great deal!
My tip is to also know exactly what you want - don't go in there with a blank shopping list. Whenever I do that I come out with some crazy product I shouldn't have grabbed haha
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