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For those of us who are watching Full House...Let's not forget how gorgeous this guy is.
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@neaa they are out of their minds XD they are trying too hard to be like Rain and his bad fashion sense from original Full House
5 years ago·Reply
they should kept it straighten like the style during their stage performances. i've come to terms w/ his hair after they showed his abs, lol. I'm still distracted by the girl's hair =P
5 years ago·Reply
@kbanh lol!! i guess its easy to appease you =P
5 years ago·Reply
but what they did to min woo was worse their Rain..i mean Full house dates back to what 2004 something.. that fashion then...may be not best but granted! but min woo's hair!! omigosh..
5 years ago·Reply
he so handsome and even though he is so slim, he is all muscles
5 years ago·Reply