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Rondo Suffers Fractures
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This was a hell of a freak accident. Basically Rondo falls, then gets kneed by Richard Jefferson around the eye as Jefferson turns to go on the break. I saw that, and it looked like it hurt like hell! Fortunately, it was not too major an issue since Rondo will only be out for 3 games. The real question for the Mavs will be who will start in Rondo's place? You have speedy Barea, disappointing Harris, and "ill eat that" Raymon Felton. So who should start?
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Rondo will make a difference in the playoffs. It will not really matter if he is out a couple of games, though. That is not a knock on him as a player, rather a compliment to the depth of the Mavs
Dont think he will do much during the playoffs either. The Mavs always make dumb trades to stay in purgatory