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Girls Try On Same Size Jeans from Different Brands
I know that you guys can all relate to this: shopping for jeans is the WORST. I can be a size 10 in some places, and 2 in another. They're tight in the butt but huge in the calves. It isn't a super confidence booster to have to try on a ton of pants because they just don't fit your body right. I think these girls do a great job of showing the stuggle. Just a reminder, you are more than your pant size. It doesn't matter what number you're buying, it's how you look and feel in them. Confidence will make you look more beautiful than any size 0 pair of jeans will.
I hate shopping for jeans especially online because I can't actually try them on. The size differs by brands and most of the time I have to take it to alteration because they're always too long.
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@maymay75 I have the same problem with sizing. It's easy when the sizing based off from s, m, l. Medium always seems to fit. However, for numeric sizes I have trouble sticking to a certain size.
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I hate jeans shopping for this exact reason. It sucks to try on clothes that just don't fit right :/
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I feel like I just settle for jeans now even if they don't really fit. It's like 'ugh this is close enough'
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