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Alright, so, anybody in Florida, where are there hills that are long and steep? I'm stuck in saint pete, and there's nothing around here. being from Cali, I really miss going out any day of the week and just constantly finding new hills to bomb. i miss it, any help?
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New Smyrna Daytona area is where I live
3 years ago·Reply
we'll sounds like we are both facing flatland blues and can you believe there's only two maybe rideable hills don't know of anymore in Houston tx
3 years ago·Reply
Idk where any are, but there is a channel on YouTube, they longboard/skateboard and do some funny pranks. They are in Florida, and in one of their videos they bomb some nice hills.
3 years ago·Reply
@EvanBrown what channel? @RayRoberson yea man, it sucks so bad
3 years ago·Reply
PPJT is the name of the channel
3 years ago·Reply