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I first found out about Holland Roden after my friend forced me to watch Teen Wolf with her ever time I came over to her house. I found myself focusing o Holland's clothes, hair, and makeup more than the storyline and I still look to her for makeup inspiration!
Get the look: Holland prefers a matte look to her foundation so she doesn't have over-dewy skin. She uses brick-like colors (think warm browns) for her eyes to add depth, but often ditches any shadow for a more natural look.
She's known for her incredibly full lips and tends to head towards the dramatic berry tones.
She uses a simple mascara and often leaves her lashes makeup free in order to let her lashed breathe!

Who is your makeup crush?

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She looks a little retro! It's so cute. My makeup crush is probably, uh.. Jessica Szohr because we both have really similar coloring (olive-tan skin, black hair, green eyes), so it's nice to see what she does with it.
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I can't stop staring at her eyelashes! They're perfect! My makeup crush is Erin Heatherton. Her minimalist makeup is sexy and sweet at the same time.
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Her eyebrows are great too!
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It also helps that she got blessed with incredible cheekbones lol
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@mikayla You should definitely try this mascara if you want lashes like hers! They work great :)
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