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Part of keeping to your $50,000 wedding budget is finding creative ways to execute your vision using items that you either already own or can find locally that are dirt cheap. In a previous card I posted I blasted the use of mirrors, and I stand by that. The trick, if you remember reading, was using vessels that have a mirror finish. Such is the case with the candlestick in the attached photo. Using Oasis foam, which is floral foam that is soaked in water for fresh cut flowers, you can position it onto the top of the candlestick. As far as keeping it there, you can use green floral tape or physically crush the top of the candlestick directly into the foam. So...why carnations, since you all know I sort of consider it a weed? When I use carnations it's for bunching them together. In this case by creating a pomander you forget that it's a carnation and enjoy the silhouette.
Beautiful bouquet of beautiful bride beautiful person both love all
I like roses too. The silvery purple ones are the best. And white too. What's your favorite @nixonwoman?
How come you didn't ask me that @marshalledgar? ;) We all know you are madly in love with roses. Don't hate me or judge, but I don't actually have a favorite flower. Nothing ever really jumped out at me as a kid growing up. I enjoy them, but nothing in particular is my flower of choice. Drives Winston crazy.
What's your favorite flower @noonmarez? Mine is the rose. Pretty obvious given my profile picture.
Carnations aren'et the best looking flower but since they're cheap this is a good idea if you are doing a lot of these for the wedding.
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